Benjamin Mautner – Dos And Don’ts For the Aspiring Novelist

In Writer’s Digest, new novelist Chuck Sambuchino details some of his best advice for what aspiring novel writers should and should not do. Here is a sampling of his thoughts.

Do: Start small.

Focusing on short stories is a great way for a writer to focus on the craft. Short fiction forces the writer to incorporate plot and character development in a very limited amount of space. It prepares the writer for the challenge of writing a novel, but with the immediate returns of accomplishment a smaller goal.Benjamin Mautner

Do: Write something everyday.

The most important thing that a writer can do is write. Writing everyday turns writing into a routine. Even if you are only writing a paragraph or few sentences, you will be reinforcing the behavior in yourself. Not only will the work get done, but it will improve as well.

Don’t: Let you day job get in the way.

Not everyone can make their living as a writer. Most of us have to write on the side and earn the lion’s share of our money from some other pursuit. But do not use that as an excuse not to wright. Only writing makes a person a writer, so commit to writing whenever and wherever you can.

Don’t: Fall in love with your own words.

You should write what you love, but you should not love it so well that you keep it from becoming the best piece of writing it can be. Be an uncompromising editor and you will come to demand the best work from yourself. The more you ask from yourself as a writer, the less agents and editors will have to.

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